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BAWB Monthly Meeting - Thursday June 16th, 2016

Real Estate Law 101

What Investors SHOULD Know but most Don’t!

bradThere are a myriad of laws out there - lack of knowledge of which can create a lot of trouble for you and in some cases make you broke. Visit with us and our legal Expert; K. Brad Rogerson with Hanson Bridgett, LLP who practices and understands Real Estate Law and its well worth your time to be at our meeting and hear about this very important topic.


scalesA few items that will be covered:

  • Legal Entities, Control, Capital Investments, Personal Guarantees Vs Anti Deficiency Laws. Understanding the nuance differences about Deeds.
  • We will also talk at length about Warranty Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds, Grant Deed, Quitclaim Deed AND the difference between CLTA and ALTA Title insurance policies.

Here is a link to his Bio and areas of practice – Click Here

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Michael Morrongiello’s CRUSH IT 2016 Workshop – the only time this class will be taught this year.


All Day - Sat. November 12th, 2016

Making a million dollars in real estate is no longer an option... instead it's a necessity for surviving and thriving during these crazy economic times! The Good News; with dedication and forethought, this current market is the perfect market to achieve such a goal.

This fantastic educational event will focus on Finding deals, raising money, making offers, buying right, selling quickly, and... how to overcome the most common fears or misconceptions that can hold you back from making more money right now. Its for any beginning or seasoned active real estate entrepreneurs. There literally is something for everyone!

Cut your learning curve; learn insider tips to succeed with your Real Estate Investments geared to this specific market.

*This Class is constantly updated and revised so the information is relevant.

For more information about the Workshop, a workshop brochure or to Register go to this link:




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