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BAWB Regular Monthly Meeting - February 18th, 2016

"There is Nothing Permanent except Change..." Heraclitus

 During Boom Times, individuals tend to take on Greater RISKS, thinking that the Party will Never End...
The Real Estate Market is Changing - Don't Get Caught up in the Whipsaw by paying inflated Asset Prices or taking on more and more "Bad" Debt. Learn other Creative ways to continue to do business and protect yourself. The Time to sharpen those Skill Sets is NOW - NOT after the market has already changed.
Prepare for Tomorrow's
Real Estate Market TODAY!

Join us this Month as Real Estate Exchangor, Educator, and Investor

aBill Tan Visits and discusses
Solutions Based
Acquisition and Financing

It's a meeting you do not want to miss!



Don't Wait - PRE-Register for Discounted Tuition and Valuable FREE Bonuses! 

Bill Tan's
Solution-Based Acquisition & Financing Workshop

All Day Saturday February 20th, 2016
Holiday Inn SFO - South SF

Registration starts at 8:00 AM and the workshop begins promptly at
9am and will run till 5:00pm

  • Buy Real Estate with Little or No money
  • Tap into little known alternatives to
    conventional financing that allow deals to happen
  • Learn how to properly structure, buy & sell mortgages
  • Get paid NOT to buy

You will learn:

  • Buying and controlling properties with little cash
  • Using IRAs for tax savings and financing
  • Down payment Techniques, Strategies and ways to get funds If you don’t have any
  • How to make houses break even (yes even in High Cost areas)
  • AITD’s - what they are and more importantly how to make money with them!
  • How to buy for Nothing Down and the seller still gets cash
  • What to say get ZERO percent interest seller financing
  • How to get sellers to tell you their real motivations for “needing” cash when YOU want owner financing
  • What to say to get approval when the seller balks at owner financing
    and low down offers
  • Using partners; passive money, JV types, etc. and different structures
  • How to use options to control and resell bargains


    Bill regularly charges $1,000 for his similar TWO DAY workshop class – you get to come to this ONE Day event at a Fraction of that cost.

For more Details, a Workshop Brochure or to Register please go to this link:

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