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BAWB Monthly Meeting Thursday January 16th, 2014

Its a New Year, a Fresh Start, Where are we at?

2014 State of the Union For The Individual Real Estate Investor

unionWhat is going on around us? 

What issues are we facing...

Where will the opportunities be this year?

What Should you be aware of?

Plus -How do we deal with Dodd-Frank

Its here, its restrictive and its frightening

New Harmful Legislation for the Individual Investor you must be aware of...

Don't Miss this Event!

Invite a business associate, friend, family member, or loved one and join us for this insightful and timely discussion to start off the New Year



This month Only- the BAWB  February 20, 2014 meeting will be held at the;

Hilton Concord
1970 Diamond Blvd
Concord, CA 94520
(located right off Willow Pass Rd)
The Hotel Direct # 925-827-2000

 BAWB Thursday February 20th, 2014 Meeting 

Is this the Right Time to Buy? Have we really reached the bottom of the Market as other so called experts are saying? Is the worst behind us?  Is stabilization of the Marketplace now upon us as many industry experts are preaching? How long will this so called  Real Estate "recovery" run on for? What is looming over the Horizon? DO NOT MISS THIS MONTHS MEETING!

Start off the New Year Informed "listen and learn from our own industry expert"

janSpeaker: Author of Timing the Real Estate Market, Statistician, & Investor;

Robert Campbell

Topic: 2014 Housing Forecast

What Will Happen & Why

Program Director Note: Robert has spoken at our meetings in the past and has been incredibly prescient in accurately predicting California Real Estate Market trends.Don't miss his insight at this months meeting…”



The Campbell Method: A Proven Timing 
System that Tells You EXACTLY When to Buy 
and Sell Real Estate to Make Maximum Profits! 

Dear Real Estate Investor: 
Imagine for a moment how you would feel if you could predict major turning points in the real estate market.

Suppose somebody handed you a 22-year time-tested system that would tell you ahead of time when property values were going to hit a peak … and then when prices were going to hit bottom years later.

If you could anticipate these kinds of critical real estate events in advance … then not only could you make spectacular profits, but you could protect your money as well. 

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Actually, it's not. The real estate market does signal its future intentions if you know where to look. 

Hello. My name is Robert Campbell and I wrote Timing the Real Estate Market to help both professionals and ordinary people make the most money in real estate with the least amount of risk. 

I also have my web site; Based on a major breakthrough in tracking and predicting real estate trends, my book reveals the real estate timing technique that I call The Campbell Method .

As far as I know, The Campbell Method is the only proven method in the world that shows how to accurately anticipate upcoming changes in your local real estate market.

What this means is that when you read Timing the Real Estate Market , you are going to learn how to make and protect your fortune in real estate in the same way that J. Paul Getty, the Rockefeller's, Warren Buffett, and other super-rich investors made their fortunes: by focusing on WHEN to buy and sell.

It's true. When it comes to making money in real estate, 
nothing beats good timing.

The reason that The Campbell Method is going to change the way you think about how to buy and sell real estate is that I share my truly remarkable discovery of five key real estate indicators. I call them Vital Signs, and they're able to predict the peaks and valleys of real estate cycles with an almost uncanny accuracy. As leading indicators to what's looming on the horizon for real estate prices, these Vital Sign indicators act like windows into the future, giving you advance notice of approaching trend changes from three to six months before they become obvious to the general public.

Author's Note: Timing the Real Estate Market is used at the University of San Diego by Professor Elaine Worzala. The class: Real Estate Investment. "The logic behind these Vital Sign indicators is air-tight," says Professor Worzala. "I'm very impressed, and my students love your book."

Copies of Timing the Real Estate Market Book will be available for purchase and autograph by Robert Campbell at the meeting.





BAWB Thursday March 20th 2014 Meeting

A Two (2) Part Program You Do not want to Miss!

Part # 1 TOPIC:

In Defense of Real Estate Agents

Are they the “Keys” to real estate agentsyour success?

Whether you are BUYING or SELLING investment properties, often maligned as not wanting to work with investors, not understanding investors, and often being a deterrent to investor success; this meeting will dispel some of those myths and why you should strive to have several good Real Estate Agents as part of your team

A few Items that will be covered:

  • How to select a good investor friendly agent
  • How to set up the ground rules for how you want to do business
  • Investor friendly RE Agent skill sets which are important
  • How to leverage the services of a good RE Agent
  • Which RE agents to avoid
  • When to take charge and When to let the agent shine
  • Monetizing for YOUR benefit your agent relationships

Part # 2 TOPIC:

How to Pre-Screen Motivated Sellers

How do you screen motivated sellers to determine their level of motivation and whether a "Deal" is worth pursuing ...

Lear about the simple 12 Step Process or series of questions which will quickly tell you whether you have a motivated seller who is willing to be flexible or not.


Time is Getting Short


BAWB is also sponsoring a FULL DAY workshop with John Schaub

on Saturday April 19th 2014 at the South SF Conference Center.

The BEST of John Schaub
40 Years of Profitable Dealmaking

If there is one class you MUST attend in 2014- THIS IS IT

Don't miss John Schaub's rare visit to the SF Bay area.

The very affordable class will offer something for everyone as John will cover (4) four main themes or quadrants involved in successful Real Estate investing.

  • Generating Cash Flow 24/7
  • Negotiating Secrets of a Professional Buyer
  • Buying Distress Notes & Property – a path to follow right now
  • Retirement Investing; How to Retire Sooner, with More

Don’t Wait – PRE- Register Early for Discounted Tuition and valuable FREE Bonuses.

For more details about the workshop, a workshop brochure, or to register online or offline please click here.


April 19, 2014

Making it BIG on Little Deals...

Spend an evening listening and learning from seasoned investor, educator, and author;
John Schaub

john sThis is a unique and rare opportunity to catch one of the best educators in the business while he is here on the West Coast and SF Bay Area. John authored; “Building Wealth One House at a Time” and has assisted thousands of Real Estate enthusiasts on their path to successful Real Estate Investing. He is a reformed BIG deal guy and will share with us his straight forward Real Estate philosophies which if followed allow most to prosper.

About John Schaub

John Schaub has prospered during three recessions, four tax law changes and interest rates ranging from 6-16% in his 35 years as a real estate investor. His 2005 best-selling book, Building Wealth One House at a Time, assisted more than 80,000 real estate enthusiasts on their way to successful investing. His book Building Wealth Buying Foreclosures is available through Amazon.

John recommends buying better, well-located houses rather than management-intensive properties.  He advocates paying off debt, owning properties free and clear, and renting only to long term, high quality tenants.

John buys, sells and manages his own properties, and enjoys providing quality housing at fair prices for working families in his community. He teaches two Building Wealth One House at  Time seminars each year where students learn how to identify the best investment property in their town, how to buy it at below-market prices, how to negotiate terms that guarantee a profit and how to manage without working nights or weekends.

John also invests his time helping those who cannot afford to buy a home through conventional sources through his work with Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing. John served for more than 20 years on the board of Sarasota Habitat, 7 years on Habitat's International Board and currently chairs the board of the Fuller Center for Housing International.



BAWB is also sponsoring a FULL DAY workshop with John Schaub on Saturday April 19th 2014 at the South SF Conference Center.

The BEST of John Schaub
40 Years of Profitable Dealmaking

If there is one class you MUST attend in 2014- THIS IS IT

The very affordable class will offer something for everyone as John will cover (4) four main themes or quadrants involved in successful Real Estate investing.

  • Generating Cash Flow 24/7
  • Negotiating Secrets of a Professional Buyer
  • Buying Distress Notes & Property – a path to follow right now
  • Retirement Investing; How to Retire Sooner, with More

Don’t Wait – PRE- Register Early for Discounted Tuition and valuable FREE Bonuses.

For more details about the workshop, a workshop brochure, or to register online or offline please click here.


May 15, 2014 Meeting

Current Legal Issues Affecting Real Estate Investors & Professionals

Whether you are an active Real Estate Investor or a Real Estate Professional you do not want to miss this month’s meeting about HOT Button legal issues you need to be aware of!

Shannon B. Jones, Attorney at Law

jonesWithoffices in Danville, San Jose and Sacramento, CA Shannon and her law associates have their pulse on many of the legal aspects involving a wide variety of Real Estate related matters or Transactions. These can vary from transactional assistance and negotiations, litigation, lender or borrower loan assistance, construction and developer help, commercial and residential landlord /tenant issues, to matters involving business entity formation and documentation.

booksWith first hand exposure to numerous transaction matters involving Short sales and REO’s, agent, buyer, and seller disclosure issues, current investor and agent trouble areas and other current topics this promises to be a VERY informative meeting. She will cover the following and more;

  • Disclosure Issues what you need to know and WHY
  • Current Issues Concerning the Handling of Short Sales and REOs
  • Current Agent and Investor Trouble Areas
  • New Legal Statutes that have come into play

About Our Speaker:

Shannon B. Jones is the owner and managing partner of Shannon B. Jones Law Group.  She has been representing real estate agents and brokers for 23 years.  She has an undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Southern California.  She is a member of CAR’s Strategic Defense Panel.  She has published a number of articles and the best selling scalesreal estate book, “A Real Estate Agents Practical Guide to Avoiding Litigation.”  She also is the owner of Diablo Mediation Services, an organization set up to resolve real estate and business disputes. 

She is a shareholder in California Real Estate Legal Alliance (“CRELA”), a company established to represent real estate professionals throughout the State of California that offers real estate advice, coaching, claims prevention, effective and efficient management of claims, risk management, cutting edge industry information, insurance management assistance, as well as other beneficial services. 

Please visit her website at



June 19th 2014- BAWB Monthly Meeting

"Paper" Vs Real Estate

A lot of Real Estate Investors have heard about "Notes" or have actually invested in Real Estate Secured "paper" versus the actual ownership of the Real property itself. In many cases that may be a more well suited investment for some versus the actual Real Property. This months meeting will explore some of the commonalities and differences between owning THE PROPERTY versus owning DEBT.

noteWhich is the better investment?

Learn about the 3 Common Problems with owning Real Estate

Who is the Ideal Tenant?

Generating Predictable returns

When is it best to be a lender Vs When to own property?

What is the Equity Equation?

The 3 Primary ways to use “paper”

The one BIG Fallacy about Real Estate secured “paper”

About your Speaker:

 Michael Morrongiello is an active investor who specializes in Real Estate & Real Estate “Paper” investments. Widely known as having one of the most knowledgeable & creative minds in the paper business, Michael started creating paper as a result of his own Real Estate investment activities in the early 1980’s. He is very active in the Buy/Sell renovation business of properties here in the SF Bay Area.

 Michael is the author of; Paper into Cash – The Convertible Currency-the definitive home study course that assists you in structuring seller financed transactions while creating marketable Notes and The Unity of Real Estate and “paper” – a course book that outlines numerous real world in the marketplace transaction scenarios and solutions homewhere Real Estate and financing techniques involving “paper” can be effectively used.



Saturday August 23rd, 2014 - Best Western Corte Madera Inn

Don't Wait - PRE- Register Today!

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Going Rogue with Rehab!

Rehabbing Done Right

Instructor: Mary Morrongiello

For more information about this fabulous full day workshop event, a brochure or to register please click HERE


Thursday July 17th 2014

Topic: “Show me the Money!”

dollarVarious Niche Lenders & Guest Speakers

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out, or have lots of experience under your belt, access to quick cash funds is often of paramount importance in being able to negotiate below market transactions. With the right deal structure there is never a shortage of funds available. Visit with us and learn from several Money Experts who will illustrate for you how some creative investor loan products along with “Hard Money” programs can become Easy Money to facilitate your deals.

It’s always a new day and age in the ever changing world of Real Estate Finance.

Proper and timely funding is the grease the "squeaky wheel" continues to need in order for properties to continue to be bought and sold, rented and held and for any chance of a long term housing recovery to take hold.
With mortgage lending activities still severely restricted and the availability of funds for both buyers and sellers limited- this month’s meeting involves a panel of several different lenders who offer different niche lending programs that address and cater to activities such as:

  • dollarsFixer Upper Loans - both from an institutional lender standpoint and from a private money lending vantage point.
  • First Time and current Home buyers FHA, VA, and Conventional financing programs.
  • What is a QM Mortgage?
  • Do any stated income loan programs even exist anymore?
  • Does Title seasoning of ownership matter?
  • What about the HVCC- Home Valuation Code of Conduit appraisal rules?
  • How has the implementation of Dodd-Frank affected the loan industry?
  • What are the various down payment requirements and qualifying criteria?
  • Investor loan programs for the investor looking both to Purchase and also Refinance Non Owner Occupied Investor properties
  • Short & Long Term Private Money lending
  • Hard Money- Asset based Lending

It’s important to be aware of what is out there in the marketplace as it may affect you - regardless of whether you are an investor looking to acquire properties or to pull cash out through refinancing’s, or a seller seeking to get cashed out upon the resale of one of your properties.
Join us for what promises to be a very informative meeting.



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